The TAP®-splint

The TAP® splint has been developed some years ago by the American dentist and engineer Dr. Keith Thornton. Dr. Thornton is working as a third generation dentist in Dallas, Texas where he made himself a name as an expert for TMJ disorders.

During his military service he worked as a dentist of the US Navy on the Philippines and often participated in emergency operations and First Aid measures. Patients suffering from shortness of breath or choking fits could be successfully treated by a quick protrusive movement of the lower jaw and an opening movement of the pharyngeal space.

A scientific study shows a 96% success rate using the TAP® splint.
(CHEST 116:1511-1518, Dez. 99, J. Pancer et al. "Evaluation of Variable Mandibular...")

Beginning of the nineties, when Dr. Thornton worked for the first time in the field of snoring and sleep apnea therapy he remembered this efficient method of opening the pharyngeal space. For him it seemed to be obvious it should be possible to protrude the lower jaw, thus opening the backmost airway by means of an appropriate splint device during sleep.

Thanks to his engineering studies he succeeded quite quickly in constructing a mechanical device - built in two dental splints-  which could move the lower jaw in a protrusive position in a reliable and controlled way. The device was called Thornton Adjustable Positioner - TAP®.

Only shortly later, scientific studies clearly documented that TAP® splints allow a specific and efficient treatment of snoring and sleep apneas.

Nowadays the TAP® splint has become one of the most popular anti -snoring devices in the US.

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